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To bid war or not bid war

Homebuyers who are closely watching the correction in the real estate market might believe now is a good time to pounce. After all, homes are sitting on the market for longer, those maddening bidding wars have dried up, and wild offers over the asking price are things of the past, right?

Christina Hall Reveals Secrets

Christina Hall might know a whole lot about renovating a house, but the latest episode of her new show, “Christina in the Country,” reveals she still has some major blind spots now that she’s moved to Tennessee.

4 Buyers Spill on choices

The real estate market is in a tricky spot right now. Homeowner equity hit a delirious peak of $17.6 trillion in May 2021, thanks to a pandemic-induced 45% spike in prices. Since then, it has declined by more than $1.3 trillion, according to the latest data from Black Knight’s Mortgage Monitor for September 2022.